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cc-by-nc-sa betsyjean79

If you have a kitchen and would be interested in starting a FNB serving we would appreciate the help, over the summer we’ve slipped from sharing food 6 days a week to only 3. If you provide a space to cook we can help you with an abundance of food, volunteers, pots and pans, transportation and many other materials! email sffnbvolunteers @ riseup dot net for details.

We would especially love to see servings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Typically we serve in either UN Plaza, 16th & Mission, or Golden Gate Park, but we are very open to other ideas as well. Cooking lists 2-3 hours and serving is perhaps another hour. Some groups do everything, cook & serve the meal. Others divide the task and have two crews. How the day is organized is up to you.

All food that we make is free & vegan (vegetarian, without animal products). Some days are cool with bringing recovered/donated prepared foods that contain dairy, eggs (e.g. pastries or yogurt) to sharings.

You can do FNB with friends or post your info on this web site and have random folks show up! Host every week, every other week, or even once a month! It’s up to you.

FNB isn’t charity, it’s solidarity! – you should check out our principles & history.