After a short holiday break, we will resume our weekly Thursday sharing at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza at 6 PM on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

However, because of people moving in and out of our regular cookhouse at 3030B 16th Street, we are moving the cookhouse to the apartment of one of volunteers for January 4th and maybe for a few more weeks until we can return to our normal spot.  Check the website for updates.

Unfortunately, the interim cookhouse, near the 24th/Mission BART Station, is smaller, limiting the number of volunteers.  We still need and want help.

The Serving Information Page ( is up to date.

Sorry for any inconvenience during this transition period and for missing the last two Thursdays at 16th/Mission.  We will be there this Thursday at 6 PM.

In addition, you can contact us at