Sunday – Monday – Wens day – Thursday – Friday SFFNBs CHAPTERS
Serena & Ellen are Treasurers of SFFNBs Bank account, Serena is also Thursdays treasurer.
Pick up at RAINBOW- Groups Monday, Wednesday ,Thursday & Friday will pick up for themselves . Please DO NOT take veggies then.
$100 will come from general fund to purchase BIG POTS, up to $200 will come from Thursdays Chapter
Up to $60 will be spent for BIKE CARRIAGE ( KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR ONE ).
SFFNBS Phone we be ACTIVE (again) .
Direct Action on PROP L (Tuesday 1pm station 40 )
DEEP FRYER Direct Action cumming in November

Pot luck for next meeting at possible NOISE BRIDE or someones livingroom. No date yet for NOV meeting