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We need YOU to help us start or continue serving on THURSDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY.

Meeting notes: 4/26/09 6-9pm

General sentiment: where was everybody? this was the smallest and most ‘intimate’ meeting we’ve ever had. we had Vietnamese spring rolls, delicious treats from the Free Farm Stand and oven fried veggies.

In attendance: Wind, Maggie, Dana, Jeremy, Jessica, Johanna, Jack, Alex. (lots of people with J names?)

Announcements: if you want to post to the web site, you should know the login by now 🙂 if not email dana at the coocoup dot com. Tweet, blog, videoblog, photoblog, blah blah blah FNB to your hearts content.

Deep Fried Not Bombs: DFNB was awesome, a lot of fun, 100 people served? made ~$60 in donations? turkey fryer did not go up in flames, and even withstood the san francisco winds.

Timeliness: Is it important to be on time? Sentiment is we try to be on time, but there are always challenges, especially with transportation, etc. As is, sometimes servings are 15-30 minutes late.

Soupstock: Bicycle expedition to survey mclaren park, possibly next weekend. Look for FLAT bike routes, conduct site survery for power and water, bathrooms. Flyers to be taken to USF. Volunteer table at the event. Flush out more stuff on conference. Make copies of FNB ops manual. Create some sort of signifier for volunteers — t-shirt, bandana, etc! Alex gave an overview of preparations. It’s looking good! Still waiting to hear from city on permit details, etc.

Everyone is leaving: William, Johanna + Jessica, possibly Robert, Next month. Caitlin, june.  Lauren, July. We’ll be down Thursday, possibly Sunday. Some folks will be back in fall. Other USF students have expressed interest in doing it over the summer. Is Friday still serving? What should we do about equipment, using S40 as a space —- no S40/FNB members present, so we want to assess their interest, opinions on the issue, we will talk to caitlin or william about this. Some unease with storing things if no one was actively aware of what’s stored there / involved with FNB as things might get misplaced or unintentionally disappear. Tentative ideas for Plan B, storing supplies in garages, closets, maybe Flower Shop?

Cool ideas: FNB boot camp / open house, where we show people how to start a serving. General spring time volunteer drive, promotion, recruitment. Finding outside places to provide a kitchen — it’s a lower barrier to start a serving if people don’t have to put a space up for cooking. City or community buildings? churches like MCC, Unitarians, others? Possible FNB van, or some sort of more stable oversight? meetings as form of oversight? Possible other places to talk about FNB stuff: BBQ with UA in the bay next weekend & Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence two weeks from now.

Chez Gay Cafe: Be there or be square. Fake mustaches? tuxedo t-shirts? it’ll be fabulous Some time in late june. possibly other opportunities for servings then too. 😉


Sunday, April 26th Station 40
3030b 16th st, SF, CA

Celebrate spring and wish a farewell to some of our beloved FNBers as they travel for the summer.
Vegan potluck meal and meeting. Other activities to follow! We’ll talk about recent & upcoming events, including Soupstock, Deep Fried Not Bombs and the Chez Gay Cafe.

Want to start a serving?
This is the place to learn how and get everything you need! Our meetings are open to everyone.


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: 65 9th St. – 6:45 PM.

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