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Check Ins

in attendance: ted, ellen, aiden, irish, katie, erik, erik, alex, james, maggie, dana


– Contact Aiden for FNB related photocopies, please send a PDF!

– Beats Not Bombs, musical concert at the end of May.  An opportunity for FNBers to get away for memorial day weekend. Contact Irish!

– James is doing donation yoga in the Richmond on Tuesdays & Thursdays at West Side Art House, wants to do a benefit for FNB.

– Irish: Thursday Food Not Bombs is planning another benefit. Wants to hold it on a rooftop in the lower haight.

– Ellen: Sunday is not in peril!

– Two weeks from now new volunteer picnic. Katie and Erik

– Alex, please view Monday as open, feel free to bring music, food, other things! feel free to email him when you do these things so you can coordinate, know when he’s going to arrive.

free stuff from art show benefit 

Eric is offering to buy supplies for FNB from money earned at an art show benefit. he’s willing to do all the shopping and bring us stuff. he said this will likely happen in june. from the meeting, our wish list:

– Propane

– Double Burner Stove

– Canopies

– “the biggest rice cooker possible”

– baking dishes

– water or beverage tank

If you have other needs please email them to the list

new volunteers 

katie and erik – thursday has so many people that they’re getting bored. we also have a lot of volunteers who aren’t connected, may be able to start new servings. have a general purpose volunteer meeting and workshop to see what people need to startup servings and what they can do.

proposal: picnic at dolores park as it is easy to find, has reliable weather. May 21st 3pm. APPROVED

keith mchenry 

kevin on the phone: travelled to taos, nm talked to locals about keith, some people had positive things to say, some interpersonal issues.

locally: some local and ex FNB people have issues with keith, some mad, frustrated by his criticisms of local fnb chapters. anarchist book fair, issues about reimbursement / funds from making cupcakes. did anyone ask for reimbursement?   irish says keith is open to examination of finances or accountability w/ sffnb people.

 proposal: to hold keith up to the apology letter that he’s written irish, to answer questions and engage him on these issues. we will revisit this topic in the near future. APPROVED

sleep in

May 14th, sleep out for homeless lgbtq youth. cooking dinner and breakfast . 6pm on Saturday, Civic Center. 7am on Sunday at Harvey Milk Plaza. Help needed for serving. Details here

groups of people volunteering

recently, we got emails from middle schoolers and an evangelical church. different people have different feelings on this. some people want to proceed, others have reservations.

proposal: craft form-letter  statement to send to groups that describes fnb as welcoming, diverse, anti-authoritarian community, folks are aware of what FNB is so people can knowingly participate if they wish,  no litmus test. taking a responsibility for education about FNB and our principles,  criticism when  groups come to join us.  a working group is exchanging ideas, and will bring back something to the next meeting. if interested email ellen or aiden. APPROVED

Next meeting: 

Saturday June 11, 2011, 7pm at Ellen’s



Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: 65 9th St. – 6:45 PM.

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