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January 31, 2011

We had a small FNB meeting this month, with Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday represented. Ellen made really wonderful cupcakes and Alex brought delicious soup!


  • Report back from East Bay Food Not Bombs FNB principles meeting. It’s proposed that we should hold a Bay Area wide food not bombs picnic this summer!
  • General banter about servings, what works, what doesn’t, etc
  • Desire to find ways to use excess collected food and better move things around (enthusiastic volunteers welcome to move things)! Folks thought it’d be easier to find people to host servings if we can offer help with food collection.
  • Tree picked up a bike cart from a donor for FNB! It’s now at Station 40.
  • Sit/Lie – cops are out in force, in civic center, bart, 16th and mission. Bothering homeless and poor folks. A serving / protest in the city’s new parklets?   sit/lie action in February. Questions about how they going to enforce sit/lie (enforcement starts tomorrow). Fliers or sidewalk chalking with politician lies? Discuss among groups then bring ideas to the list.
  • We have two or three possible cook houses! To get these servings off the ground we need people who are interested in coordinating / bottom-lining
  • Email list. Who is still in the moderator / admin spot? Something to look into.
  • Let’s make a LED sign! Dana is getting stuff together to do this and we will build it in the next two months. People are excited, time to solder! More screen printing?!?! We can make many designs, patches and shirts, have a combined screen printing LED sign making party — perhaps at Ellens studio.

Meeting Adjourned! 8:51pm

Next Meeting TBA


Come help FNB get sustainable plateware!

**first of all apologies, the email address on the flyer is incorrect! To contact us by email:**

You are cordially invited to a lovely sit down dinner in support of Food Not Bombs. We currently spend tons of money on eco-damaging disposable cups/plates/sporks for our servings on Thursdays at 16th and mission. With you’re help we can make disposables a thing of the past. So come join us for an evening of fine food/drinks, live music, and service with a smile!

Tickets are limited so we hope to see you there!

WHEN: Saturday February 5th, 6:30pm

WHERE: 3030 B 16th St. “Station 40”



Menu: (all menu items are the both tasty and vegan!)

Spring Rolls with slightly spicy peanut sauce
Arugala Asian Pear Salad
Curry and Rice
From Scratch Apple, Pear, Raisin Pie
Homemade Chai Latte’s

(we just did a test run of the menu and it was a huge hit!)

Suggested Donation: $10-30 sliding scale
(FREE DRINK with donations over $10)

for more info and/or ticket delivery


FNB voicemail: (415)484-3288

We’re doing an event this Thursday at Station 40 celebrating the birthday of Wolgang Amadeus Mozart.
We’re going to start by playing for Food Not Bombs at the 16th/Mission BART and move into Station 40 at 8pm.

We’ll be bringing out our fans, and I think its going to be a great celebration of life and music and giving and will expose both of our organizations to a wider public.

I’d love it if you can post this event on the site.
Admission for the show is free, with a voluntary donation going to support the musicians.

Here’s a link for the FB event

Thanks!! ~ Classical Revolution

What: Food Not Bombs January Meeting

Bring a vegan appetizer or dessert to share along with your own utensils/ cup/ plate. I’ll bake cupcakes! Beware my place is tiny!

Sunday Cookhouse/ Ellen’s Apartment
Leavenworth St (between Washington St & Jackson St)
Email Ellen for details

Monday January 31st 7pm.

Muni: 27, 1.

Bike: My neighborhood is pretty chill, but it may be difficult to find something to lock your bike to because there’s no metered parking. There’s a small nook to store your bike in my lobby if you have issues, in which case bring your bike up to the door.

Walk/ Bike Advise: It’s quite a hike up Leavenworth. If it’s not out of the way, go up Polk or Van Ness to Washington and climb those 3-4 smaller hills to Leavenworth.


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: 65 9th St. – 6:45 PM.

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