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Sick of Soup? Bored of bagels?

Today, Wednesday, November 5th, Food  Not Bombs
will be hosting a special event, Deep Fried Not Bombs.

Join us to nurse your post-election hangover
or just to say fuck the system and US wars.

Bring (vegetarian) food you’d like to batter, fry and share , a cold beer*,
and enjoy the icy San Francisco evening with piping hot food from the fryer.

Some Suggestions: Onions, Zucchini, Mushrooms,
Broccoli & Cauliflower, Tofu,
eggplant, Peppers, potatoes,
samosas, dumplings, ravioli, curry puffs, fake meat, etc

We will provide canola oil, vegan batter, the stove
and some veggies to start things off!

Wed Nov 5, Serving starts at ~ 5:20 PM

UN Plaza (1150 Market St) near the fountain/UN Flag

Free and Open to all who are hungry!

Optional RSVP on Myspace & Facebook

(if it’s raining we will likely postpone to a later date)

*beer suggestion for effect. food not bombs does not necessarily
endorse, encourage or recommend drinking in public


It was an amazingly beautiful day at Dolores Park this past Saturday with a turnout of hundreds to celebrate the life and work of Kirsten Brydum at SF’s largest ever Really Really FREE Market! Food Not Bombs came out to serve grilled vegetable kabobs with Teriyaki sauce, apple crisp pies, a giant vegetable bean and rice soup, and bread and cookies! Remaining food was given away in freebie grocery fashion as the serving table was overflowing with other goodies people had brought out to gift!

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen (FNB volunteers, folks from the Heart of the City Farmers Market, Rainbow, etc). It was an amazing and unforgettable day in Dolores Park!

Please join SF Food Not Bombs this Saturday, October 26th
at the Really Really Free Market in Dolores Park.
We hope to be cooking outside and will be
there from 12-6pm, until the food runs out!

The Anti-War Committee is organizing a national day of action, October 13th, in support of RNC arrestees. They are encouraging calls to St Paul officials to demand that all charges are dropped. Eight St Paul activists now face the ambiguous felony charge of “conspiracy to riot.” Those being prosecuted include independent media and Minneapolis/St Paul Food Not Bombs volunteers. is coordinating an action called Cooks Not Terrorists on October 26th, the anniversary of the PATRIOT Act to protest raids, infiltration and harassment of the Food Not Bombs movement in Minneapolis/St Paul and beyond.

Please read below for more details.

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Friends and loved ones of will be gathering October 9th in memory of local activist and organizer Kirsten Brydum. The format will be very informal and people will be cooking a little extra at Thursday Food Not Bombs to bring to the memorial. Everyone is welcome to come out and help!

Kirsten Brydum’s Memorial

October 9, Thursday

Art SF – 110 capp st. @ 16th st.,

7-on: sharing space, adding to the altars

8p – on: sharing stories, memories, thoughts, music

in typical Kirsten fashion:

everyone is welcome and appreciated

bring whatever gifts you want to contribute

everything will be done giftluck / potluck style

feel free to bring:

-items to add to the altars

-stories to tell about Kirsten

-instruments to add music to the mix

-food and/or drinks to share with others

-a bowl, cup, and utensils to partake of other’s gifts

-pictures of Kirsten (a projector is likely available too)

-anything else that feels important to share in this time

if out of town feel free to send anything that you want shared to

firebrandart [at]

We are saddened to report that our colleague and friend Kirsten Brydum,  long time Food Not Bombs volunteer and SF Really Really Free Market organizer, was found dead this past Saturday in New Orleans. According to reports she was shot several times in the head.

Friends and comrades are planning a celebration of Kirsten at the RRFM on October 25th, Food Not Bombs will likely serve. An alter has been setup in the window of the Million Fishes gallery 2501 Bryant St. @ 23rd St, SF, CA. Kirsten’s father has created a web site where you can leave your thoughts and memories. Additional memorial information and emerging details are over at Indymedia (check under the comments section for the LA upcoming service). There is also a memorial collection of photos put together by friends and family.

Kirsten’s death comes on the heels of another tragedy for the activist community, the rape and murder of Eugene Food Not Bombs volunteer Marcella “Sali” Grace in Oaxaca Mexico.

Kirsten was an activist force to be reckoned with, having proliferated RRFMs around the country and organized them for years here in San Francisco.  She was also responsible for the Dirty Dove Infoshop, the amazing Access Café, and her newest most ambitious project, the Collective Autonomy Tour.  Those that had the privilege of knowing her will remember her as the exuberant, loving, and carefree person that demolished any hint of sadness or cynicism that came into contact with her.  She was an overwhelmingly trusting and sincere person that would never hesitate to lend a hand and continually offered herself toward the benefit and friendship of others.  The results of her fantastic efforts and love can be seen in the massive amount of loved ones she left behind who are now picking up where she left off to spread that kind of sharing and love of which she had such an abundance of.  We will miss her dearly.


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: 65 9th St. – 6:45 PM.

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