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Deep Fried Not Bombs, or DFNB, will make a reprise on April 15th, Tax Day. Join us in UN Plaza at 5:30PM for fun and frying! Bring vegan food + veggies to share. We’ll provide the oil, an enormous fryer , vegan batter and try to have rice on hand calm your stomach.

note: in the event of extremely high winds or rain we will have to postpone this event.

UPDATE: There is a wind advisory for today, hopefully it calms, wind advisory has been dropped, we’ll try to go forward


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p.s. last time our stove wasn’t powerful enough, but rest assured this will no longer be an issue! Please see the image below:


Shout-out for an upcoming benefit concert for Food not Bombs/the Bay Area Childcare Collective on Sunday, March 29th at Station 40 (across from the Mission/16th St BART in San Francisco.) Worthy cause, tickets on an affordable donation-basis and funds will go towards purchasing veggie oil and bicycle carts.

COME early @ 4:30pm for our monthly


March 29th
@ Station 40, 3030B 16th St (@ Mission)
Line Up: El Madesmedo Alma Desnuda, Ottomobile, and The Clouds
Benefit for FNB & The Childcare Collective

FNB monthly meeting at 4:30
There will be food!

So come on out and support local artists and local food!

For the 6th anniversary of the war in Iraq,
join us in connecting wars abroad with the

Thursday March 19
3:30pm into the night
16th St. and Mission BART plaza

Film, Food, Speakers, Spoken Word, Open Mic, Music, Theater and Rally about:

Connecting the war in Iraq (and all US imperialist wars against people of
color) to oppression against people of color here at home.

– The War in Iraq and people of color
– High School Military Recruitment, JROTC
– Immigrant Detention Facility Abuses (film on Hutto, im/migrant family
detention center in Texas)
– Gang Injunction Laws

Brought to you by ARCO (Collective Action and Resistance), Cop/Migra
Busters, SF Food Not Bombs, and Unconventional Action in the Bay.


On Saturday, March 14th, two SF park rangers forced the Bayview RRFM to leave India Basin park and issued warning citations. Officers cited the lack of a permit in their action and made vague, unsubstantiated claims that the RRFM did not clean up materials at previous events. Here is a copy of the citations, showing that the rangers cited the RRFM for “vending merchandise” and “camping.”

This is the latest chapter in the city of San Francisco’s crackdown on DIY and free events. We stand in solidarity with the RRFM and encourage everyone to attend upcoming RRFM events as a show of support, including March 28th in Dolores Park and April 11th in Bayview. For more info, check out


We were notified yesterday that we are facing $3,000.00 in fines and
that we will be “forcibly removed” from the UNM Bookstore area if we
show up again. We are once again calling on you, our friends and
supporters, to show up at the UNM Bookstore on Wednesday @ 11 and
Friday @ 12 noon. Bring instruments like drums and guitar and also
cameras of all sorts! Thanks for your support in the past and we hope
to see you in the streets!
Peace, love, Unity,
Mike Butler

Middletown, CT

I was involved with FNB in Middletown, CT for four years and graduated from
Wesleyan Univ. last May. I’m still often seen as the “contact person” for the
group by the City of Middletown and many others, although there are 85 people
on our listserv, and I’ve been contacted by the City of Middletown with a
legal order. It threatens “police action” if we do not cease “dispensing” food.

Orlando, FL

The City of Orlando has appealed the federal judge’s ruling (Sept. 26) in the lawsuit we filed against the City over its “large groups feeding” ordinance. The judge found that in seeking to ban groups such as OFNB and others from sharing food with hungry and homeless individuals in downtown parks that the City had overstepped its bounds, violating constitutional protections of freedom of speech and

We will be serving at the bay area anarchist book fair, March 14th and 15th, in Golden Gate Park! If you are interested in helping with these special servings, please email sffnbvolunteers [at] riseup [dot] net.

If you’re visiting from out of town and would like to join SF FNB other times this week, feel free to meet us at the serving location + jump in or email folks listed on the Servings page.


We’ll have several items available for donations, to help us build more bike carts & purchase cooking oil (one of the few things we can’t get for free).  SF FNB t-shirts we’re asking $12-$15, patches & stickers $0.50-$1. ALL money after the cost of supplies goes to FNB. Get them at the fair or email sffnbvolunteers at riseup dot net and we can arrange something!




Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

TUES: none try curry without worry - UN Plaza @ Hyde St - 5:30PM

THURS: 16th & Mission - 6:00PM

FRI: Market & Hyde - 7:00PM

SOME SAT: Hemlock Alley between Polk & Van Ness - 4:20PM - soup or stew, coffee and (almost always) bagels.

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(415) 484-3288

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