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SFFNB is sharing food on additional days during the shelter in place order period.

Our Wednesday food sharing continues as normal.  We are also sharing food as much as possible at the SW 16th/Mission BART Plaza on Mondays and Fridays at 6:30 PM.  The additional Monday and Friday sharings depend on our access to the cookhouse at St. John The Evangelist church.  Please check this website for more specific updates.

Serving Information Page:

Unfortunately, we are not accepting new volunteers for the time being for the 16th/Mission sharings.  Again, this policy is fluid, so please check the website for updates or send us an email to with any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience and support during this unusual time.

Despite the Shelter In Place Order from the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), San Francisco Food Not Bombs (SFFNB) is sharing food at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza today, Wednesday, March 18, at 6:30 PM.

As an organization that shares free food, SFFNB provides an “Essential Service” and plans to continue its activities during the Shelter In Place time period.

We may serve food on additional days to our current Wednesday home cooked meal sharing and Friday sandwich sharing.

Check this website for updates.

Serving Information:

SFDPH Shelter In Place Order:

As Las Vegas city officials further criminalize poverty and homelessness, at least one misguided resident blames Las Vegas Food Not Bombs for these increasing structural problems.


“The other half of the Huntridge homeless story is the perpetuation of homelessness by an organization whose members do not reside here,” [Dan] Evans said regarding Food Not Bombs, a group that drew the neighborhood’s ire by serving free meals in the park twice a week.

SF Food Not Bombs has updated the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s list of empty and abandoned buildings through December, 2019 on this webpage:

Please note that this list contains the addresses from the DBI database.  We do not verify the buildings’ status.

The next update will be in early May, 2020.

If you want the complete DBI database, please contact us at

Under the guise of false food safety concerns, the mayor of Lancaster, California tried to criminalize free food sharing in that city.

People rose up at the City Council hearing, forcing an indefinite postponement of the vote on the proposed ordinance.

Read more in this LA Times article:

The northeast 16th/Mission BART Plaza, adjacent to Walgreens, has a strange new 3,900-pound, $4,661 bench, according to Mission Local.

‘Unpleasant’ or ‘interesting’? Two-ton, $5,000 bench arrives at 16th and Mission

Photo Credit:  Julian Mark, Mission Local

The other plaza on the southwest side of the intersection, where SF Food Not Bombs shares food on Wednesdays, did not get any additional benches, even though BART Director Bevan Dufty promised more benches late last year.

Here are a few earlier posts about the removal of six comfortable metal benches from the SW Plaza and their eventual replacement with three smaller, less comfortable concrete ones:

Contact information: BART Director Bevan Dufty–510-464-6095,

Newsrooom By The Bay mentions Food Not Bombs in its article about the displacement of people from the Mission District.

“…Food Not Bombs, a direct action group that gives free vegan meals to the homeless.

Here is the entire article:

We always need volunteers.  More information here:

A federal court ruled on April 1, 2019 it will not review a decision that cities cannot arrest people for sleeping on public property unless they have provided adequate shelter. The case, Martin v. City of Boise, was before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The ruling could still be taken up the U.S. Supreme Court.

An earlier post about Martin v. City of Boise:

The article omits Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs, which also fought against food sharing bans.

San Francisco Food Not Bombs showed solidarity with Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs when it was resisting new laws criminalizing sharing free food.  Here are some reminders:

Julian Mark from Mission Local reports that BART will be installing additional benches at the SW 16th/Mission BART Plaza:

“The former District 8 supervisor [BART Director Bevan Dufty] said he caught wind of some concerns that the [ping pong] table was installed instead of more benches, but he stressed that more benches will be coming soon, as fewer benches have — so far — replaced the number that had existed before the plaza was renovated. A ‘new style’ of benches are coming,’ he said.” (

Contact information:  BART Director Bevan Dufty–510-464-6095,

Earlier coverage:



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