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Thanks to the efforts of outstanding volunteers, San Francisco Food Not Bombs shared food with the Mission community at the June 14th Plaza 16 Festival organized by the Plaza 16 Coalition, of which SFFNB is a member.

The Festival celebrated the vitality and diversity of the 16th Street BART Plaza.  Some press reports about the Festival follow: and

The Plaza 16 Coalition formed to resist the gentrifying real estate development proposed next to the plaza and to preserve and improve the area for existing residents.  For more information about the Coalition and to join our efforts, check out its webpage:


Because today’s Mission District May Day Rally and March coincided with San Francisco Food Not Bombs’ weekly Thursday sharing at the Mission/16th Street BART Plaza, some FNB activists brought out some food a little early to share with some marchers that were freely expressing themselves at the intersection of Mission and 16th Streets.

SFPD officers quickly surrounded a group of marchers, refusing to let them voluntarily return from the street to the sidewalk.  The cops arrested about ten people, including some FNB members, and tackled at least one detainee.  They also flipped over our serving table, destroying the rice, bread and guacamole intended for hungry people, and stole the table, a SFFNB sign and some of our serving bowls and utensils.

We want the SFPD to immediately free the arrested people and return our equipment.  The food is forever wasted.

Fortunately, other activists shared the rest of their delicious, prepared food with community members on the BART Plaza at 7PM as usual.

UPDATE:  The SFPD released all except two of the arrested people Thursday night, charging them with various misdemeanors.

San Francisco FNB has joined the Plaza 16 Coalition, which is organizing to insure that the BART Plaza is open and welcoming to everybody.  Our Thursday chapter has shared food at the Plaza for many years.

The Plaza 16 Coalition’s major campaign is to stop a proposed 10 story, 350 unit luxury housing development proposed for 1979 Mission Street, adjacent to the NE BART Plaza (replacing the Walgreens complex and parking lot).  If built, this development will feature rents for $3500 -$5000/month and overshadow the block, which includes the Marshall Elementary School.  Plus, it will hasten gentrification and evictions in the immediate area and endanger our FNB sharing and the community members that share food with us.

The Coalition is hosting a Community Forum on this proposed development on Thursday, May 15th from 6 – 8PM at the Victoria Theater, 2961 16th Street (at Capp).

For more information about the Plaza 16 Coalition, check out its website:

A new chapter, SOMA Food Not Bombs, is sharing sandwiches with people on Fridays in the Civic Center Area beginning at 7 PM at the intersection of Grove, Hyde and Market Streets next to the BART entrance.  For more information or to volunteer, contact SOMA Food Not Bombs by telephone at 415-797-9229 or by email at

In The Works, an anti-authoritarian and anti-art collective, has been the Food Not Bombs cook house for the Monday serving at 16th and Mission Plaza for the past year. They are now fighting eviction by new owner, Rick Holman of Asher Insights, for opening up their space to community groups like Food Not Bombs.Accused of “illegally occupying” their unit for “subletting or assigning” their space to groups such as Food Not Bombs and for hosting community events such as the Alter Anarchist Book Fair. Community spaces and organizations of the poor, homeless, and marginalized are the first to feel the blows of gentrification when outside forces try to mold a neighborhood into a profitable business venture. Displacement begins when our community’s right to free, healthy food is attacked by landlords such as Rick Holman.

Rick Holman

Come to Hummingbird House (aka Saturday Cookhouse) for awesomeness!  There will definitely be tasty food and probably live music.  There will also be a short, to the point meeting where we will get stuff done!

If you’re considering volunteering, coming to a meeting is a great way to get plugged in and find out how you can be the most help.

Call Julia for directions: 415-215-1790

It’s time for our annual pride serving (aka Chez Gay) at the Transmarch! This year our planning has been very low key, so we’re hosting it as a potluck, and we encourage YOU to participate by bringing vegan/vegetarian food to share with others!

It can be tricky to find us so look for FNB banners, shirts and bike carts.

What: FNB Pride Potluck @ Transmarch. Bring a vegan or veggie dish to share.

Where: Dolores Park (18th And Dolores)

When: Friday, June 22, 2012, 3:00-6pm

Robert YeggeRobert Yegge,  was a smart, spirited and funny volunteer. He coordinated a FNB sharing for several years in the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park, cooking, serving and transporting food by wagon and bike. Robert fed dozens of hungry people and was a regular at our meetings. He was always generous, enthusiastic and willing to pitch in; he cracked us up and made us smile.

His life was cut tragically short this week in an accident while riding his bike. He will be greatly missed by SFFNB.

Friends, family and colleagues are invited to share their memories on this facebook page

A memorial potluck will be held this Sunday, June 10, 1-6pm at Marx Meadow in Golden Gate Park.


April Meeting Notes 

from April 3, 2012 at In The Works

1. Rice and  Beans Distribution: Rice and beans at In The Works, were distributed at end of meeting.  In The Works will pick up rice and beans from Rainbow in the future.  Also, ITW usually has extra potatos and rice that can be shared with other cookhouses.

2. Days that need help:

Saturday — could use help especially with cleanup around 6 pm

Wednesday — could use one or two more for serving, also could use help with food pickups

Sunday — needs new pickup person/ dumpsterer on Sunday, and moany one person to help cook if reliable

Monday ITW: possibly more food source people, and one or two more regular volunteers for food prep and cleanup.  Normally starts prep at 2-3 pm and serves at 7.

There will be a new volunteer meeting Monday April 9, 7 pm at In The Works.

3. $50 was raised for SF FNB at the Anarchist Book Fair. 

4. There is interest in starting a new serving at UN Plaza on the weekend — the person has equiptment but might want help with spices etc, can start in 2-3 weeks.

5. Fundraising for cups etc?  Dana mentioned that Alex can often get free cups to share.  Also sporks are only $6 for 1,000 at Cash adn Carry.  Donation button on website?  Paypal or other?  Chela will do research, Ellen has bank account info, we can discuss next meeting.

6. Voicemail?  No one person is consistantly checking.  It can be accessed through the volunteer email (Google Voice).  Julia proposed a new message — the current one sounds like a robot and is hard to understand.  

7.  Meeting schedule: Chela suggested two meetings per month on different days to accomodate different schedules.  There was disagreement: the meetings might end up more fragmented.  Suggestion to have meetings regularly on the first Tuesday of each month.  It is important to post meetings on website before they happen. 

8. Next meeting: Tuesday May 8, Ellen’s place,  8 pm.

Tuesday, February 21

7 pm

There will be a San Francisco Food Not Bombs meeting at the Saturday cookhouse near 2nd Ave and Fulton — contact Julia (415-215-1790) for the exact address.


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

TUES: none try curry without worry – UN Plaza @ Hyde St – 6:00 PM

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: Market & Hyde – 7:00 PM

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