The recently fenced McCoppin Hub Park is always locked and closed.

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When Supervisor Jane Kim proposed fencing in the park as a solution to the non-problem of people using an unenclosed public space, the deal included that the park would be open during certain hours and locked at night.

In reality, all the gates are always locked like this:


Indeed, the park contains a sign with hours of operation:


For accuracy, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department should replace this sign with one that reads,  “Closed Permanently Because of Civic Callousness and Political Cowardice.”

Here we are.  Millions spent to transform a dead end street into a useless locked off space.

Money for nothing.

Eddie Stiel


We will not be sharing food at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza on Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23, 2017.

We will resume our weekly Thursday sharing on November 30th at 6 PM.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

We have updated the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s list of empty and abandoned buildings through September, 2017 on this webpage:

The next update will be in early February, 2018.

If anyone wants the complete DBI database, contact us at

HERE/THERE, on the Berkeley/Oakland Border across from Sweet Adeline Bakery 3350 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703, USA

Tuesday October 24

4:30 PM – 4:30 AM

You’re invited to an


The evening of Tuesday, Oct. 24

through Wednesday morning,

as long as necessary.

The camping community HERE/THERE has been practicing consensus government and responsible urban camping at its present location for more than nine months. Multiple members of City Council have called us “a model community”. So why has “someone” in the city government told BART to get rid of us?

We were only given three days notice: they will seize our property and force us onto the street some time on Tuesday. This eviction order is illegal. Help us resist it by coming out to shout at the pigs and enjoying a potluck Eviction Resistance Party. Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning, as long as necessary. Also, you can contact Lateefah Simon, the BART board director for our district, through and Rebecca Saltzman, chair of the BART Board of Directors whose district represents many people in Berkeley and Oakland: 

Rebecca Saltzman, Chair, BART Board, Director, District 7 @rebeccaforBART 510 464-6095



Bring a camera. This is also a good time to donate food, water, and any kind of survival equipment.

If they do manage to evict us, we’re going straight to City Hall, where we’re going to raise a hell of a ruckus. In that event, we will need help with transport and temporary storage of property. So maybe bring a pickup or a van, just in case?

Reposted from Indybay:

Kaye “Nana” Griffin, an Indybay co-founder, passed on in early August. Nana was involved in the Bay Area activism scene for decades, including queer liberation, housing and many other local struggles. Nana also carried one of the first Indybay press passes. Her memorial service is on Saturday, October 21 at 2 PM (doors open at 1:30 PM) at the Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission St. in San Francisco.

John Gilmore shared an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) advertisement while recalling, “Kaye got around to many Bay Area subcultures. Here’s one of her appearances in the digital rights subculture. This full page ad appeared in 2003 in Rolling Stone magazine, featuring Kaye in the middle of the lineup. […] She was involved in so many things that I suspect that none of us knew the full extent of her activities and activism.”

Keith McHenry also provided a short reflection, “Kaye spent many hours volunteering with San Francisco Food Not Bombs and reported on the arrests and court cases posting on Indybay. She participated in nearly all the huge protests with her pet rat on her shoulder and I remember her insightful comments about a wide range of issues. Her vision of what is wrong with the political and economic system and ideas of where to take action to move our world forwards was spot on.”

We will resume our long standing weekly sharing at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 6 PM, ending a three week hiatus.

We have shared food on Thursdays at this location for many years.  For a few months, we switched to Wednesdays.  Now we are back on Thursdays.

More information here:

We always need volunteers and invite anyone to eat with us.  Please spread the word.


Some unfortunate news.  Because SF Food Not Bombs has lost access to our Wednesday cookhouse until at least early October, we must suspend our Wednesday sharing at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza for now.  Hopefully, we can resume it in early October.

The Friday sandwich sharing remains active.  More information here:

The San Francisco Free Eats Chart is a great resource for alternative free food servings or volunteer opportunities.

In English:

En español:

We will update this website about the status of the weekly 16th/Mission BART Plaza sharing as soon as possible, no later than early October.

Regrettably, we must cancel our weekly Wednesday sharing at the 16th and Mission BART Plaza for September 13, 2017.

Sorry for any inconvenience.  Please spread the word.

We have switched the day of our long standing food sharing at the 16th and Mission BART Plaza.

Starting on August 9, 2017, we will share food there on Wednesday at 6 PM.  Everything other than the day remains the same.

Thanks to everyone who has helped share food or has eaten food with us on Thursday at the 16th and Mission BART Plaza over the years.

Sorry for any inconvenience the day change may cause.

Please spread the word.

More information about this sharing here:

We have updated the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s list of empty and abandoned buildings through June, 2017 on this webpage:

The next update will be in early November, 2017.

If anyone wants the complete DBI database, contact us at


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

TUES: none try curry without worry – UN Plaza @ Hyde St – 5:30PM

THURS: 16th & Mission – 6:00PM

FRI: Market & Hyde – 7:00PM

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