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  • you can call OR text message (415) 484-3288
  • visit our serving schedule page and emailing contacts for specific days you are interested in
  • join our email list and posting there
  • show up at a serving and get directly involved
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Join San Francisco Food Not Bombs for coffee and bagels on Saturdays at around 4:20 PM on Hemlock Alley between Polk Street and Van Ness Avenue, closer to Polk Street.  We always have coffee, almost always have bagels, sometimes other food (some of which might not be vegetarian.)  For more information, contact Andrew by email at

Hemlock Alley runs east/west. Sutter Street is just north; Post Street is just south.

A new chapter, SOMA Food Not Bombs, is sharing sandwiches with people on Fridays in the Civic Center Area beginning at 7 PM at the intersection of Grove, Hyde and Market Streets next to the BART entrance.  For more information or to volunteer, contact SOMA Food Not Bombs by telephone at 415-797-9229 or by email at

Due to overextension/burnout, the Saturday sharing is cutting back to only sharing on the last Saturday of each month, starting in January.  Anybody who wants to volunteer can contact Donna at 415-491- 4201.

We started the Saturday sharing in June 2011 and have shared healthy vegan food nearly every Saturday for 2 1/2 years.

We won’t be sharing food on Thanksgiving Thursday, November 28, 2013.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  We will return to 16th/Mission BART Plaza on Thursday, December 5th at 7:00 PM and Thursdays thereafter.

We always need volunteers.  Contact us at or 415-484-3288.

The Saturday sharing is down for Oct 12 and 19.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the website!  I’ve heard some concerns in the last few months about whether the website is up to date.  So, to confirm, as of now (Sept 5) the website is up to date including serving info and the map.  Unfortunately the Monday cookhouse is out of action due to problems with the landlord (see below), but the Thursday and Saturday servings are still fully operational.  So come by, help out, and grab some food!

Seriously, we have been making an effort to keep the info up to date, even when there hasn’t been a post in a while.  The best way to keep up with the latest news is through the email list, which you can get on by clicking the link in the sidebar (under “contact us”) or right here.  

Volunteers always appreciated.


In The Works, an anti-authoritarian and anti-art collective, has been the Food Not Bombs cook house for the Monday serving at 16th and Mission Plaza for the past year. They are now fighting eviction by new owner, Rick Holman of Asher Insights, for opening up their space to community groups like Food Not Bombs.Accused of “illegally occupying” their unit for “subletting or assigning” their space to groups such as Food Not Bombs and for hosting community events such as the Alter Anarchist Book Fair. Community spaces and organizations of the poor, homeless, and marginalized are the first to feel the blows of gentrification when outside forces try to mold a neighborhood into a profitable business venture. Displacement begins when our community’s right to free, healthy food is attacked by landlords such as Rick Holman.

Rick Holman

The Monday cookhouse could use some extra help!  Food prep, pick-ups, everything.  Contact Michael at or call 415-503-1478.  Or show up at 3265 17th Street #204 between 3 and 8 pm on Monday.

In addition to the Wednesday serving, Saturday won’t be serving Oct 6 or 13th.  Sorry, just too few volunteers/too many people out of town.  We’ll be back Oct 20.

Wednesday FNB serving will be on break starting October 1. We hope to return by mid-November.

If you have an alternative location where we can cook during this time, email


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

TUES: none try curry without worry - UN Plaza @ Hyde St - 5:30PM

THURS: 16th & Mission - 7:00PM

FRI: Market & Hyde - 7:00PM

SAT: Hemlock Alley between Polk & Van Ness - 4:20PM - coffee and (almost always) bagels.

Haight & Stanyan - 5:00PM - Last Saturday of the month only.

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(415) 484-3288

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