The Anti-War Committee is organizing a national day of action, October 13th, in support of RNC arrestees. They are encouraging calls to St Paul officials to demand that all charges are dropped. Eight St Paul activists now face the ambiguous felony charge of “conspiracy to riot.” Those being prosecuted include independent media and Minneapolis/St Paul Food Not Bombs volunteers. is coordinating an action called Cooks Not Terrorists on October 26th, the anniversary of the PATRIOT Act to protest raids, infiltration and harassment of the Food Not Bombs movement in Minneapolis/St Paul and beyond.

Please read below for more details.

During the RNC, St. Paul was a police state complete with steel fences, protest pens, military style checkpoints, and thousands of riot police. Before protests even began, police raided homes and activist gathering spaces, detaining hundreds and confiscating people’s belongings.

Throughout the RNC, they systematically violated the rights of thousands, violently attacked protesters, and arrested over 800 people. St. Paul city officials were complicit in enabling this scenario, and now they deserve to hear from you!

Please CALL and/or EMAIL the following people on MONDAY, OCT 13:

1. St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman
(651) 266-8510,

Coleman did nothing to prevent the militarization of St. Paul and the numerous violations of people’s rights that occurred there. After the RNC, he called the actions of police “nothing short of heroic.” Call him to demand a real, independent investigation that holds police accountable!

2. Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner
(651) 266-3222,

Gaertner is responsible for prosecuting all felony cases, including the RNC 8 who are facing 7+ years on trumped up charges of “terrorism,” under the first ever use of the MN version of the Patiot Act. Gaertner plans to run for governor in 2010. Call her to demand an end to the repression of activists and an immediate dismissal of all charges.

St. Paul City Attorney John Choi
(651) 266-8710,

Choi is in charge of prosecuting all misdemeanor RNC-related cases. He referred to RNC protesters as “outsiders who wanted to create mayhem.” The vast majority of those arrested were Twin Cities residents who were protesting the agenda of the real criminals gathered in the Xcel Center. Call Choi to defend our right to protest without permits and demand that all charges be dropped!

For this kind of pressure campaign to be successful, we need A LOT OF PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE. Please take a few minutes out of your day to call and invite your friends to do the same.

Thank you!