We were notified yesterday that we are facing $3,000.00 in fines and
that we will be “forcibly removed” from the UNM Bookstore area if we
show up again. We are once again calling on you, our friends and
supporters, to show up at the UNM Bookstore on Wednesday @ 11 and
Friday @ 12 noon. Bring instruments like drums and guitar and also
cameras of all sorts! Thanks for your support in the past and we hope
to see you in the streets!
Peace, love, Unity,
Mike Butler

Middletown, CT

I was involved with FNB in Middletown, CT for four years and graduated from
Wesleyan Univ. last May. I’m still often seen as the “contact person” for the
group by the City of Middletown and many others, although there are 85 people
on our listserv, and I’ve been contacted by the City of Middletown with a
legal order. It threatens “police action” if we do not cease “dispensing” food.

Orlando, FL

The City of Orlando has appealed the federal judge’s ruling (Sept. 26) in the lawsuit we filed against the City over its “large groups feeding” ordinance. The judge found that in seeking to ban groups such as OFNB and others from sharing food with hungry and homeless individuals in downtown parks that the City had overstepped its bounds, violating constitutional protections of freedom of speech and