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Tuesday, February 21

7 pm

There will be a San Francisco Food Not Bombs meeting at the Saturday cookhouse near 2nd Ave and Fulton — contact Julia (415-215-1790) for the exact address.

January 31, 2011

We had a small FNB meeting this month, with Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday represented. Ellen made really wonderful cupcakes and Alex brought delicious soup!


  • Report back from East Bay Food Not Bombs FNB principles meeting. It’s proposed that we should hold a Bay Area wide food not bombs picnic this summer!
  • General banter about servings, what works, what doesn’t, etc
  • Desire to find ways to use excess collected food and better move things around (enthusiastic volunteers welcome to move things)! Folks thought it’d be easier to find people to host servings if we can offer help with food collection.
  • Tree picked up a bike cart from a donor for FNB! It’s now at Station 40.
  • Sit/Lie – cops are out in force, in civic center, bart, 16th and mission. Bothering homeless and poor folks. A serving / protest in the city’s new parklets?   sit/lie action in February. Questions about how they going to enforce sit/lie (enforcement starts tomorrow). Fliers or sidewalk chalking with politician lies? Discuss among groups then bring ideas to the list.
  • We have two or three possible cook houses! To get these servings off the ground we need people who are interested in coordinating / bottom-lining
  • Email list. Who is still in the moderator / admin spot? Something to look into.
  • Let’s make a LED sign! Dana is getting stuff together to do this and we will build it in the next two months. People are excited, time to solder! More screen printing?!?! We can make many designs, patches and shirts, have a combined screen printing LED sign making party — perhaps at Ellens studio.

Meeting Adjourned! 8:51pm

Next Meeting TBA


What: Food Not Bombs January Meeting

Bring a vegan appetizer or dessert to share along with your own utensils/ cup/ plate. I’ll bake cupcakes! Beware my place is tiny!

Sunday Cookhouse/ Ellen’s Apartment
Leavenworth St (between Washington St & Jackson St)
Email Ellen for details

Monday January 31st 7pm.

Muni: 27, 1.

Bike: My neighborhood is pretty chill, but it may be difficult to find something to lock your bike to because there’s no metered parking. There’s a small nook to store your bike in my lobby if you have issues, in which case bring your bike up to the door.

Walk/ Bike Advise: It’s quite a hike up Leavenworth. If it’s not out of the way, go up Polk or Van Ness to Washington and climb those 3-4 smaller hills to Leavenworth.

minutes 12/3/210

•reusable serving containers etc. possible old stash in basement

• FNB doesn’t serve meat. If you do other food distro that does be clear that it’s NOT FNB. cook vegan but can distribute non-vegan food items, such as yogurt and pastry at your discretion.

•google doc financial documents are in order, link needed to edit.

•be sure to maintain serving schedule with 211 311, free eats sheet. this means being diligent with email and phone message

•table at anarchist bookfair

•thursday chapter is really busy, it needs help in any way possible.

•look into solar pots/proposal needed for sponsorship

•where and how to get cups-
*freecycle? other revenues?
•raise funds at servings/events

*thursday requested money for utencils
PASSED, 40 bucks one time, continued equal division of alex’s cup

• sit lie updates: possible actions in pac. heights.
Date it takes effect? appeals?

Next meeting
jan 17th, 330pm at ellens washington+leavenworth


FNB is having meetings again — we are now rotating them through FNB kitchens, see below for details:
November/December Food Not Bombs Meeting

Bring a vegan dish or dessert to share. we’ll make a huge pot of pasta and sauce (and garlic bread if we can get a few loaves?).

Bring your own plate (and cup / utensil). We have some paper ones but we’d love to save as many as possible for  sharings.

Friday, December 3
Eating 7PM, Meeting 7:30PM

Wednesday Cookhouse
Polk & California St
Email for exact APT #

Muni: 1, 19, 47, 49, California St Cable Car

Bike: Please lock your bike on the street. The living room will be tight with so many FNB people, there are a lot of places to lock bikes on California and Polk. Bikes in the area don’t usually get messed with.

Walk: Get to Civic Center, Walk up Polk until you see California (and cable cars).

From Theo:
We've been working on putting together an SF meeting for FNB on sunday
Oct. 18th starting at 3:30p, Station 40 (3030b 16th St). I've been hearing alot of good ideas from
alot of people and we're interested in hearing more.

Some but not all of the ideas/needs I've heard include;

Bulk orders of food oil, spices, coffee, etc
Bike Carts/Hand Carts
Bulk rice and Beans Distro
Organizing a network of people down to support actions
FNB Merch, like zines, Shirts, and collectable fine china
Cup distro
Financial Transparency
Getting more Markets on our side.
5013c Status j/k

I feel like we got to work on making our Food Not Bombs communal, and
economically/environmentally sustainable.+ I heard the angry fist will
drop the carrot and slap your face if you don't show up, not really don't
worry though it might send curry packs to your front door.

Send stuff to the list or to me if you have ideas for the meeting, and
stay in touch!

summer meeting attendance was much lower than what we expected. what we talked about these things in no particular order:

  • we will spend the entirety of the FNB treasury on lasers
  • coordinated about rainbow pick-ups
  • new saturday serving, possibly a sunday serving
  • possible serving at the anarchist olympics
  • need to brainstorm ideas for getting cups, spoons, etc
  • we condensed to make cannibalism an exception to FNB’s veganism (only if they are right-wingers/fascists?)

tofux3After a hiatus of several months San Francisco Food Not Bombs is having a meeting! Join us and talk about recent events, current ideas and future opportunities for sharing food. Bring your thoughts, ideas, proposals — we will pass around an agenda sheet at the event.

Meeting Details:
Sunday, August 2

Meet outside Station 40 (3030b 16th street @ mission), if it’s nice we’ll walk to the park, if not we’ll have it there!



We’ll eat, hang out with a meeting to follow. If you want to facilitate the meeting you’re awesome!

Image from this video:

We need YOU to help us start or continue serving on THURSDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY.

Meeting notes: 4/26/09 6-9pm

General sentiment: where was everybody? this was the smallest and most ‘intimate’ meeting we’ve ever had. we had Vietnamese spring rolls, delicious treats from the Free Farm Stand and oven fried veggies.

In attendance: Wind, Maggie, Dana, Jeremy, Jessica, Johanna, Jack, Alex. (lots of people with J names?)

Announcements: if you want to post to the web site, you should know the login by now 🙂 if not email dana at the coocoup dot com. Tweet, blog, videoblog, photoblog, blah blah blah FNB to your hearts content.

Deep Fried Not Bombs: DFNB was awesome, a lot of fun, 100 people served? made ~$60 in donations? turkey fryer did not go up in flames, and even withstood the san francisco winds.

Timeliness: Is it important to be on time? Sentiment is we try to be on time, but there are always challenges, especially with transportation, etc. As is, sometimes servings are 15-30 minutes late.

Soupstock: Bicycle expedition to survey mclaren park, possibly next weekend. Look for FLAT bike routes, conduct site survery for power and water, bathrooms. Flyers to be taken to USF. Volunteer table at the event. Flush out more stuff on conference. Make copies of FNB ops manual. Create some sort of signifier for volunteers — t-shirt, bandana, etc! Alex gave an overview of preparations. It’s looking good! Still waiting to hear from city on permit details, etc.

Everyone is leaving: William, Johanna + Jessica, possibly Robert, Next month. Caitlin, june.  Lauren, July. We’ll be down Thursday, possibly Sunday. Some folks will be back in fall. Other USF students have expressed interest in doing it over the summer. Is Friday still serving? What should we do about equipment, using S40 as a space —- no S40/FNB members present, so we want to assess their interest, opinions on the issue, we will talk to caitlin or william about this. Some unease with storing things if no one was actively aware of what’s stored there / involved with FNB as things might get misplaced or unintentionally disappear. Tentative ideas for Plan B, storing supplies in garages, closets, maybe Flower Shop?

Cool ideas: FNB boot camp / open house, where we show people how to start a serving. General spring time volunteer drive, promotion, recruitment. Finding outside places to provide a kitchen — it’s a lower barrier to start a serving if people don’t have to put a space up for cooking. City or community buildings? churches like MCC, Unitarians, others? Possible FNB van, or some sort of more stable oversight? meetings as form of oversight? Possible other places to talk about FNB stuff: BBQ with UA in the bay next weekend & Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence two weeks from now.

Chez Gay Cafe: Be there or be square. Fake mustaches? tuxedo t-shirts? it’ll be fabulous Some time in late june. possibly other opportunities for servings then too. 😉

Sunday, April 26th Station 40
3030b 16th st, SF, CA

Celebrate spring and wish a farewell to some of our beloved FNBers as they travel for the summer.
Vegan potluck meal and meeting. Other activities to follow! We’ll talk about recent & upcoming events, including Soupstock, Deep Fried Not Bombs and the Chez Gay Cafe.

Want to start a serving?
This is the place to learn how and get everything you need! Our meetings are open to everyone.


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: 65 9th St. – 6:45 PM.

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