Keith McHenry, one of the original founders of Food Not Bombs (FNB) returned to SF on April 25th as part of a nation-wide tour to promote the 30th anniversary of Food Not Bombs. Today, people will be celebrating this occasion at Soupstock in Boston, MA.

Kieth McHenry shared many thoughts, ideas, and experiences at the meeting and also showed a video of his work in Nigeria. It was very revitalizing to see how FNB has spread to so many nooks and crannies across the globe.

Some things we talked about that SF FNB could use work on were the following:

  • Developing flyers
  • Having a literature table (to point people to other local happenings)
  • Spreading solidarity among other organizations & groups
  • Manage the phone and email

Keith McHenry getting arrested for serving food in the early says of Food Not Bombs

These things were discussed in connection with attracting new volunteers to help support SF FNB. One useful tip he mentioned for literature and flyers was to tie rubber bands around them (to keep them from blowing away).

People are already working on these projects but if you or anyone you know would be interested in helping out, please give us a holler on our email list.