On Thursday June 10th, a chapter of Food Not Bombs in the Diablo valley area attempted to serve food at the Concord farmers market in the Todos Santos plaza to the homeless and underprivileged. The Contra Costa Health Department with the assistance of the Concord Police Department ordered the group to cease operations and confiscated all of the group’s food and supplies.  Click here for the Indybay story with more info.

Dangerous peace activists safely quarantined by gentile police in an effort to keep hungry park goers from eating disgustingly tasty homemade food

UPDATE: on 6.17.10 a crew of SF FNB people and supporters rode bart down to the Concord serving to show some solidarity and support.  Apparently the police showed up again to try to intimidate and shut down the food serving.  Fortunately they were too timid to stir up anything with the new numbers of supporters and the serving went through as planned 🙂