Food critic/journalist Andrew Zimmern recently filmed a segment profiling the work of  San Francisco Food Not Bombs for an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. Irish, a chapter member sent out this email announcement (we will update when we have more details):

They filmed Katie & Margie reclaiming food for 2 nights, then Andrew worked with FNBs volunteers handing out food at the food bank (Arriba Juntos). The made a cash donation to ARRIBA and the food bank people where extremely happy with all the good publicity they received. The final day of filming was difficult. We split the cooking up to 2 kitchens, for security reasons. We filmed at Noise Bridge (tech collective) kitchen with much thanks to MILO. At noise bridge we cooked banana bread, tomato basil soup, rice and a garden salad with Andrew, while the Station 40 kitchen cooked a huge pot of Curry vegetable stir fry. We also had plenty of bread and vitamin water donations on hand. It was are largest SHARING at 16 & Mission in memory (150 plus).

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