In attendance Evan, Irish, Dana, Ethan, Mike, Julia, and Ellen

Mike and Julia want to start a serving in the Haight at Stanyan on Saturdays. Need food sources, pots, cutting boards, knives. Starting June 25th cooking at 1:30pm and serving at 6pm. Evan can provide dumpster maps as food source.

Dana knows Ray who has a burning man workshop where we can make sheet metal FNB signs with LED lights!

At Trans March June 24th 3-6pm FNB serving “Le Chez Gay” small crew needed to help serving and people can bring food pot luck style.

Offer for kitchen in Bayview. One volunteer available and food sources as well.

James from Wednesday wants to start a serving in the Castro.

12 arrests in Orlando. People’s homes are getting raided and people are getting harassed. Support needed! Direct actions wanted for solidarity. There’s a call for people who are willing to get arrested to go and help Orlando FNB. This Thursday the 16th there’s going to be a five course meal, film screening, and donations made for Orlando at Station 40.

There’s going to be a direct action against the drug war. City hall 12pm Friday 17th.

Canadian television World’s Weirdest Restaurant wants FNB to do a spot about freeganism. Evan wants to investigate and report back.

Mike wants to know who has the archives?

Next meeting: Thursday will host time and date TBA