April Meeting Notes 

from April 3, 2012 at In The Works

1. Rice and  Beans Distribution: Rice and beans at In The Works, were distributed at end of meeting.  In The Works will pick up rice and beans from Rainbow in the future.  Also, ITW usually has extra potatos and rice that can be shared with other cookhouses.

2. Days that need help:

Saturday — could use help especially with cleanup around 6 pm

Wednesday — could use one or two more for serving, also could use help with food pickups

Sunday — needs new pickup person/ dumpsterer on Sunday, and moany one person to help cook if reliable

Monday ITW: possibly more food source people, and one or two more regular volunteers for food prep and cleanup.  Normally starts prep at 2-3 pm and serves at 7.

There will be a new volunteer meeting Monday April 9, 7 pm at In The Works.

3. $50 was raised for SF FNB at the Anarchist Book Fair. 

4. There is interest in starting a new serving at UN Plaza on the weekend — the person has equiptment but might want help with spices etc, can start in 2-3 weeks.

5. Fundraising for cups etc?  Dana mentioned that Alex can often get free cups to share.  Also sporks are only $6 for 1,000 at Cash adn Carry.  Donation button on website?  Paypal or other?  Chela will do research, Ellen has bank account info, we can discuss next meeting.

6. Voicemail?  No one person is consistantly checking.  It can be accessed through the volunteer email (Google Voice).  Julia proposed a new message — the current one sounds like a robot and is hard to understand.  

7.  Meeting schedule: Chela suggested two meetings per month on different days to accomodate different schedules.  There was disagreement: the meetings might end up more fragmented.  Suggestion to have meetings regularly on the first Tuesday of each month.  It is important to post meetings on website before they happen. 

8. Next meeting: Tuesday May 8, Ellen’s place,  8 pm.