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We are saddened to report that our colleague and friend Kirsten Brydum,  long time Food Not Bombs volunteer and SF Really Really Free Market organizer, was found dead this past Saturday in New Orleans. According to reports she was shot several times in the head.

Friends and comrades are planning a celebration of Kirsten at the RRFM on October 25th, Food Not Bombs will likely serve. An alter has been setup in the window of the Million Fishes gallery 2501 Bryant St. @ 23rd St, SF, CA. Kirsten’s father has created a web site where you can leave your thoughts and memories. Additional memorial information and emerging details are over at Indymedia (check under the comments section for the LA upcoming service). There is also a memorial collection of photos put together by friends and family.

Kirsten’s death comes on the heels of another tragedy for the activist community, the rape and murder of Eugene Food Not Bombs volunteer Marcella “Sali” Grace in Oaxaca Mexico.

Kirsten was an activist force to be reckoned with, having proliferated RRFMs around the country and organized them for years here in San Francisco.  She was also responsible for the Dirty Dove Infoshop, the amazing Access Café, and her newest most ambitious project, the Collective Autonomy Tour.  Those that had the privilege of knowing her will remember her as the exuberant, loving, and carefree person that demolished any hint of sadness or cynicism that came into contact with her.  She was an overwhelmingly trusting and sincere person that would never hesitate to lend a hand and continually offered herself toward the benefit and friendship of others.  The results of her fantastic efforts and love can be seen in the massive amount of loved ones she left behind who are now picking up where she left off to spread that kind of sharing and love of which she had such an abundance of.  We will miss her dearly.

As the all volunteer movement Food Not Bombs prepares to respond to
Hurricane Gustav the police and FBI raid several Food Not Bombs houses
in Minneapolis and a office in Berkeley where police seized 13

Zachary Patrick Grey, a University of Massachusetts student from
Marion, Mass., was arrested at 1:40 p.m. Monday after a foot chase,
according to a Denver County Court complaint. According to CBS 3 of
Springfield, Mass., Grey belongs to a group called Pioneer Valley Food
Not Bombs. The alleged feces was glass jar of coffee with soy milk.
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Long Haul hosts many radical community organizations including East Bay Food Not Bombs, Cycles of Change,  Needle Exchange, and East Bay Prisoner Support. Read the press release below for more information.

More than a dozen computers seized in questionable search

*Berkeley, CA* — At 10:30 am on Wednesday, August 27th, the UC Berkeley police, plainclothes FBI agents, and an Alameda County sheriff raided at gunpoint the Long Haul, a long-standing community library and info shop. Police spent at least an hour and a half searching the premises without allowing Long Haul members entry to their building. More than a dozen computers and other equipment were seized in the morning raid. Having made no attempt to contact Long Haul members, agents forced their way into the building by entering a neighboring non-profit office with guns drawn. Police refused to provide a search warrant until after the raid was over and property was seized.

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Update: Because of your support, through the thousands of phone calls and emails you made on our behave, the Town of Huntington and the Suffolk County Police Department have given in. All charges against Food Not Bombs activists have been dropped and we’ve received assurances that the police harassment will not continue.

Yesterday, Long Island Food Not Bombs was subjected to more police
harassment in the Township of Huntington. Police officers threatened
activists and community members with arrest, violence, false accusations of
possession of illegal substances and about every law and town code they
could think of.

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