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My friends! It is nearing that time of year when Food Not Bombs begins to prepare for the Chez Gay Cafe. This is our third year of serving at the Trans March and we want to do something a little different. We are encouraging everyone to bring something for a picnic/potluck style meal. Please bring vegan or veggie stuff to share. We may have even have a grill for veggie burgers. All friendly people are welcome.

Save the date: Trans March, June 25th, Dolores Park, 3pm ish. By the Palm Grove

Mon ami! C’est le temps de l’année où Food Not Bombs commence à préparer le café Chez Gay. C’est notre troisième année et nous encourageons tout le monde à apporter de la nourriture à partager un pique-nique. S’il vous plaît mettre végétalien ou végétarien alimentaire. Nous pouvons avoir un poêle pour cuire des hamburgers végétariens. Tous les gens sympathiques peuvent assister

Plus de détails à venir. Où: Festival transgenres., le 25 Juin, Dolores Park, 15:00


Download the flyer or use the E-Card to get the word out!

thanks to maggie for the flyer & art! invite your friends with the card below.


Sunday December 14th, 2008

Station 40 (3030b 16th St @ Mission, SF, CA)

4:00PM – 8:00PM

FREE and open to everyone who’s interested in FNB!

Come for the dessert …. stay for the meeting!

Join your fellow food not bombs organizers and friends for a night of fun and dessert. Whether you’re an old time volunteer or someone new, this is a great opportunity to learn more about what we do, meet your fellow activists, plan for the coming year and help our movement grow.

There will be dessert, an informal meeting, and fun activities (screen printing, a movie?). We encourage you to bring vegan treats to share potluck style, we will make some homemade soy ice cream!

If you have questions or ideas we’d love to hear them! you are welcome to RSVP, we’d love to have an idea of how many people are coming. you can do this on the FNB facebook page or by emailing us at sffnbvolunteers (a) riseup d0t net

Some ideas on what to bring (recovering/dumpstering/creative reuse are always encouraged):

  • dumpstered goodies!
  • cookies, cupcakes or brownies
  • cakes and pies
  • fruit
  • gluten and/or sugar free confections
  • soy ice cream
  • donuts and pastry
  • candies, chocolate and miscellaneous treats!

activities (other ideas welcome!):

  • screen printing — bring a shirt, fabric or something to screen on! we’ll have the FNB logo and possibly other fun designs!
  • movie? — if you’ve got ideas let us know.

informal meeting

  • check-ins with various servings
  • finding a new cook house for saturday
  • reviving the soupstock music festival for spring (see pictures of sleater-kinney/fugazi in soupstock 00!)
  • food not bombs and disaster response (what should we do in an earthquake?)
  • should we do some skillshares / workshops? (home canning, vegan dessert making, how to start a FNB chapter, etc?)
  • ideas for events to serve at (last year we did the anarchist book fair, transmarch, protests, RRFM and others)
  • proposal: FNB should buy a turkey fryer (aka high powered gas burner) ~$50 / and a larger, reusable propane tank ($20-$60) for outdoor/mobile events
  • add your agenda items!


At this very moment crews are disassembling and hauling away the Victory Garden that has stood in front of San Francisco City Hall for several months. Though private funds initially paid for the projects construction (some estimates put the cost at $180,000), we ask how the mayor and city could allow this expensive, temporary gesture without providing a concrete plan to address real food security needs of nearby low-income communities.

As the mayor has begun to talk up plans to “green” civic center with solar panels, wind turbines and living roofs we question how these benefits will serve existing low-income neighborhood, and worry that instead they will be a vehicle for gentrification and displacement. We challenge the mayor to embrace a notion of sustainability beyond  ‘green’ consumption and fixtures by building this city to support our environment and the people who live and work here. We say let’s bring an end to the greenwashing (see bus stop with living roof) and put in place meaningful and low cost steps that can benefit the adjacent communities.


Instead of a pricey show garden dedicate open space in civic center to permanent, public gardens. Relax zoning and regulations to allow easier creation of personal gardens. Provide incentives or encourage landlords to allow tenants to utilize empty space in apartment back yards, empty lots, on structurally sound roofs. Keep rent low for the Heart of the City Farmers Market.

It was an amazingly beautiful day at Dolores Park this past Saturday with a turnout of hundreds to celebrate the life and work of Kirsten Brydum at SF’s largest ever Really Really FREE Market! Food Not Bombs came out to serve grilled vegetable kabobs with Teriyaki sauce, apple crisp pies, a giant vegetable bean and rice soup, and bread and cookies! Remaining food was given away in freebie grocery fashion as the serving table was overflowing with other goodies people had brought out to gift!

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen (FNB volunteers, folks from the Heart of the City Farmers Market, Rainbow, etc). It was an amazing and unforgettable day in Dolores Park!

We are saddened to report that our colleague and friend Kirsten Brydum,  long time Food Not Bombs volunteer and SF Really Really Free Market organizer, was found dead this past Saturday in New Orleans. According to reports she was shot several times in the head.

Friends and comrades are planning a celebration of Kirsten at the RRFM on October 25th, Food Not Bombs will likely serve. An alter has been setup in the window of the Million Fishes gallery 2501 Bryant St. @ 23rd St, SF, CA. Kirsten’s father has created a web site where you can leave your thoughts and memories. Additional memorial information and emerging details are over at Indymedia (check under the comments section for the LA upcoming service). There is also a memorial collection of photos put together by friends and family.

Kirsten’s death comes on the heels of another tragedy for the activist community, the rape and murder of Eugene Food Not Bombs volunteer Marcella “Sali” Grace in Oaxaca Mexico.

Kirsten was an activist force to be reckoned with, having proliferated RRFMs around the country and organized them for years here in San Francisco.  She was also responsible for the Dirty Dove Infoshop, the amazing Access Café, and her newest most ambitious project, the Collective Autonomy Tour.  Those that had the privilege of knowing her will remember her as the exuberant, loving, and carefree person that demolished any hint of sadness or cynicism that came into contact with her.  She was an overwhelmingly trusting and sincere person that would never hesitate to lend a hand and continually offered herself toward the benefit and friendship of others.  The results of her fantastic efforts and love can be seen in the massive amount of loved ones she left behind who are now picking up where she left off to spread that kind of sharing and love of which she had such an abundance of.  We will miss her dearly.


Wednesday, August 20th

In front of City Hall

image cc flickr user pbo31

Over the past weeks our servings have dramatically increased in size as our city continues to cut necessary programs for the homeless and low income workers.

We are worried that the city’s current approach on homelessness is inadequate and instead of providing concrete or effective solutions there are a growing number of programs that are only for show, or that
unfairly criminalize, punish and drive people out of  sight or out of town.

A beautiful ‘victory garden’ was built in front of city hall, but like a number of initiatives (especially those championed by our mayor) it is more for press than meaningful community benefit.

In this case the garden is temporary and at a cost of $180,000 (though sponsored by a private group), while the nearby Heart of the City Farmers Market, a critical and much needed source of healthy food in the tenderloin and south of market neighborhoods has fought for it’s survival and against massive rent increases pushed by the mayor and real estate department.

We agree with the garden in spirit (one organizer says “If people want to eat out of the garden, and they need to eat a piece of lettuce, that’s fine with me,”) and think that many of the groups behind it are doing beneficial community work but we want more substance. Enough with theatrics, resolutions and press conferences, San Francisco needs concrete support for permanent, healthy and accessible food for residents of civic center/tenderloin neighborhood and other low-income communities.

There are many other examples: The budget deficit has lead to cuts and strain on shelters, non-profits and other social services in the city.

sfbg. com/blogs/politics/2008/06/interfaith_demonstration_chall. html

One way the gross removal of homeless assistance programs has taken place is by not giving nonprofit workers livable wages:

The so-called Community Justice Center is moving forward and many fear it will only further criminalize homeless folks in the civic center, tenderloin and SOMA area.

Evictions and heavier police presence continue in Golden Gate Park (http://www.
examiner. com/a-859407~Dozens_evicted_from_Golden_Gate_Park. html

SF rents continue to rise and more and more folks are having a hard time
making it in the city as the economy is weaker and meaningful work is more difficult to
come by. Between 2002 and 2006, those earning between 150-200k grew by 50%, over $200,000 by 40%, those making under $49,000 dropped by 8%.


We are bringing these issues to the attention of the politicians and our community by bringing Food
Not Bombs out to City Hall. We welcome everyone to come take part in this protest and invite people to bring food and messages of their own experience in solidarity!

We would love to hear your thoughts. This may become an ongoing event. ~ Wednesday FNB


Note: Servings may cancel in the event of rain

WED: 16th & Mission – 6:30 PM.

FRI: 65 9th St. – 6:45 PM.

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