Sick of Soup? Bored of bagels?

Today, Wednesday, November 5th, Food  Not Bombs
will be hosting a special event, Deep Fried Not Bombs.

Join us to nurse your post-election hangover
or just to say fuck the system and US wars.

Bring (vegetarian) food you’d like to batter, fry and share , a cold beer*,
and enjoy the icy San Francisco evening with piping hot food from the fryer.

Some Suggestions: Onions, Zucchini, Mushrooms,
Broccoli & Cauliflower, Tofu,
eggplant, Peppers, potatoes,
samosas, dumplings, ravioli, curry puffs, fake meat, etc

We will provide canola oil, vegan batter, the stove
and some veggies to start things off!

Wed Nov 5, Serving starts at ~ 5:20 PM

UN Plaza (1150 Market St) near the fountain/UN Flag

Free and Open to all who are hungry!

Optional RSVP on Myspace & Facebook

(if it’s raining we will likely postpone to a later date)

*beer suggestion for effect. food not bombs does not necessarily
endorse, encourage or recommend drinking in public