The next FNB Meeting will be: Sunday, January 25th at Station 40 (3030b 16th st) @ 5PM. We’ll start the evening with dinner and our meeting, followed by a banner making party! Bring vegan dishes to share and art supplies.

An outline of our december meeting:

  • Announcements
  • Soupstock Music Festival – Tentatively 4/19
  • Turkey Fryer – approved $100 to purchase burner for outdoor servings
  • FNB and Events – upcoming events: anti-choice counter protest, anarchist bookfair, etc
  • FNB and Disasters / Depression – agreed to meet in UN Plaza in event of disaster
  • Outreach
  • Future Meetings – last sunday of every month, location: TBA

lFor full notes, please read below the cut!

Food Not Bombs Meeting Notes 12/14/08


  • To post things on the FNB website, contact Dana for the passwords

  • A second FNB bike cart is nearing completion, when it’s done it will be for all to use and will be kept at Station 40

  • Ryan made a video of Thursday FNB, will be posted on website

  • Sunday is looking for a new cookhouse

  • Saturday is possibly looking for a new cookhouse (any updates Badri?)

  • Need to translate the website/flyers into Spanish

  • Soup Stock is being planned!! Let’s get all those involved to bring their ideas to the next meeting!

Soup Stock:

  • Being planned for 04/19/09

  • Need permits, porta-potties, to submit a request to Rainbow for food donations

  • Would like to include it with an infoshop/skillshare/conference

  • Tentatively at Dolores Park

  • Various organizations will be invited to table

  • Include a Really Really Free Market

  • Bring old FNB volunteers together with new FNB volunteers to revive and enrich

Turkey Fryer!

  • Consensus reached to purchase a “Turkey” Fryer which is a large burner that will allow us to cook large pots of soup out of the kitchen (at events/servings, etc.)

  • Allocated roughly $100 to purchase the burner along with a large propane canister.

FNB and Events

  • Serving at events is a great way to show solidarity to others in the Movement, increase FNB visibility and recruit new volunteers.

  • Events FNB has served at over past year or so are: Transmarch, Anarchist Book Fair, Peace Rally, Immigrants Rights March, Iraq Veterans Against the War OFC action

  • We can serve at any action, just put it out on the listserv to get folks together and make it happen!

  • Future events FNB will serve at are the protest to the walk for life, the anarchist book Fair…

  • Will be serving at future events/actions so watch the Listserv for more details about how to help out. (It’s a lot of fun!)

FNB and Disaster/Depression

  • FNB historically has been the first to serve hot food in crisis/natural disaster, like the 1989 SF earthquake, Katrina, etc.

  • Consensus reached that in a crisis or natural disaster the FNB meeting place will be UN plaza, at the serving spot. From there we will organize to get food to those in need. This will also be the central serving spot.

  • FNB will become more and more important with the current economic crisis and depression, along with the mayor’s ever increasing budget cuts to social services. Therefore we must do what we can to grow FNB to meet this increasing need.

  • This information should be posted on the website.


  • FNB could always use more volunteers!

  • Need a Friday cook house and volunteers (Abby, any updates on using your warehouse space?), and servers for Monday

  • We must make more flyers and distribute them widely. Also need bilingual fliers.

  • Should focus on outreach at events to recruit more volunteers.

  • We also should post fliers of serving schedules at various SROs, shelters, colleges, senior centers, etc.

Future FNB Meetings

  • Consensus reached that we will have monthly meetings and potlucks on the last Sunday of each month

  • Next meeting on January 25th at Station 40 (3030B, 16th and Mission, on 16th). We will begin the meeting at 4:00, and after we will make banners for the various servings. Bring a tasty vegan dish to share! See you there!

Thanks for all who attended the meeting, and to the organizers. We hope to see you all and your friends in January! Yeah SF FNB!!