From Theo:
We've been working on putting together an SF meeting for FNB on sunday
Oct. 18th starting at 3:30p, Station 40 (3030b 16th St). I've been hearing alot of good ideas from
alot of people and we're interested in hearing more.

Some but not all of the ideas/needs I've heard include;

Bulk orders of food oil, spices, coffee, etc
Bike Carts/Hand Carts
Bulk rice and Beans Distro
Organizing a network of people down to support actions
FNB Merch, like zines, Shirts, and collectable fine china
Cup distro
Financial Transparency
Getting more Markets on our side.
5013c Status j/k

I feel like we got to work on making our Food Not Bombs communal, and
economically/environmentally sustainable.+ I heard the angry fist will
drop the carrot and slap your face if you don't show up, not really don't
worry though it might send curry packs to your front door.

Send stuff to the list or to me if you have ideas for the meeting, and
stay in touch!