*A message from FNB Thursday Chapter

Dear lovely friends and family, due to some developing circumstances between our collective space and the authorities-that-be some updates must be made about our upcoming event.

In order to ensure that Station 40 remain a safe, autonomous, community art/event space for years to come our event structure must make some slight changes.

To keep capacity low and ensure a comfortable experience for everyone we will have to limit the dinner to about 50 people. We plan to start serving dinner at 7pm sharp in order to save time post-dinner for our talented acts, as we may need to stop music relatively early to save us from noise complaints. Post-dinner we will move the tables to create more space and allow more people in, but space will be limited so the earlier the better.

On to the good news!

We have a bunch of fabulous music lined up including the harmonically heart wrenching Fox & Woman!

You gotta see this, Saturday Feb. 5th be there!