San Francisco, facing a $380 Million Budget deficit, is poised to cut $7.6 million from homeless services, including  supportive housing, day time services and drop-in centers. Along with this elimination of services for the homeless and working poor, enforcement has started on a new sit/lie law, criminalizing those who now  have even fewer alternatives to the streets. On top of this a city supervisor has proposed Care-Not-Cash for cans and bottles — if this presses forward, it potentially takes away one of the few sources of income for those with little other means to support themselves.

As the city slashes its budget to the bone, several supervisors, “progressives” elected by many constituents of little or modest means, are caving to whining and  bullying by Twitter, a  ‘socially responsible’ company backed by hundreds of millions of dollars, for a tax cut.

As 2011 begins, San Francisco continues to be a tale of two cities, with many opportunities for the well-off, with politicians catering to their needs, while those for the poor diminish or barely hold on, and more no and low income people are forced to leave the city.

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