Announcements / Quick Items
– Irish is going to pick up rainbow rice and beans ASAP
– Dana is working on some signage stuff, more details TBA
– FNB getaway, still planned for the weekend of Sept 16th, more space available. BYO Transportation.
– Fundraiser for Thursday FNB @ the Convent is put off until November so there’s more time to plan / promote
– 2 events at station 40, Anarchist Salon on the 24th and S40 fundraiser on the 27th
+ We need  receipt letters for some donations, trying keith , the coalition, noisebridge
+ Consensed to accepting imitation meat donations from EcoVegan (http://www.ecovegan.com/) and are okay with them listing FNB on their donation page.
+ Harvest Hills is offering is an incredible opportunity for produce / bread pickups every week day at 10 AM. Thursday and Saturday (Sunday? Others?) may take advantage of this.
+ New collective forming at 17th and mission. They are in serious need of cooking supplies and an electric stove. Want to host their own day. They’re going to come back to the group with a proposal for startup needs after they get their space built out.
+ Ellen needs help picking up foodt! (possibly coordinated after the meeting).
+ Erik, who held an art show fundraiser for us, is coming back and will start looking for things on our wish list (https://sffnb.org/2011/05/07/may-meeting/)
+ Alex wants more people involved with Monday, is looking for a kitchen that would offer long-term stability.

Tueday, September 27
Wednesday Cookhouse
(Polk / California)
official message  /w details soon