Meeting Start: 8:02 pm
food: bread, pizza, cake, pie, beer, wine, fruit, vegetables and other goodies!

In attendance: ellen, irish, cynthia, donald, ted, caitlin, christian, dana, arriana, maggie, hayden. we currently have 5 servings!

Announcements: dana- fnb signs progressing. cynthia- looking for a live-in home care situation.

Stickers: come up with, field designs and send to the list. bring in saturday people. we’ll talk about this again!

Anthropology students working on alternatives to capitalism project: questions about filming and their timeframe — not possible inside s40. servings are public places . they are looking for a living situation. irish is asking for further details. proposal: irish will be point of contact. OK.

Tabling: irish – we should do more tabling, especially local stuff and network with other local groups to support those causes. People want to do tabling at hardly strictly bluegrass this weekend (noon, Saturday)!

Get away recap: Mountain getaway was mostly FNB people! lots of exciting and fun and “interesting” experiences.

Where’s the art / punk show dude: Ellen is going to contact him again. If we can’t reach him we will pursue alternatives. For future events a FNB person should be in attendance!


Don (Calling In): Hi Don! He’s awesome! He’s doing some car pickups for us and we really appreciate it. Going to work out some further drop-offs. Hope to see him at the next meeting.

In The Works: New Collective Space in SF at 17th and Capp.  Still building out their space! Wants to start a new serving in the next month or so, starting small, will open up the kitchen later. The idea of a breakfast on Tuesday? Proposal: ~$150 funds from the general fund to start this new serving. OK

FNB in Haight and Church Groups:  Church groups and FNB share a serving line, time and space on Saturday. This group serves meat and dairy, has a bullhorn, it creates some confusion and  some are people uncomfortable. We will bring this up next month when people from Saturday are present and try to broker a solution.

Free Eats Chart: updates in progress. Irish is working on it!

Screen Printing: Is happening soon, in October. Details TBA talk to Arriana about it!

Noisebridge: Thoughts about approaching Noisebridge for a FNB serving. We don’t currently have a person  who wants to do this,  but if we did would want someone who was a super reliable bottom-liner: no rotting food, no dirty dishes, no BS, no drama.  Right now focusing on developing In The Works.

Next Meeting: In The Works. October 25th. 7:30pm

Meeting End: 9:56pm