minutes 12/3/210

•reusable serving containers etc. possible old stash in basement

• FNB doesn’t serve meat. If you do other food distro that does be clear that it’s NOT FNB. cook vegan but can distribute non-vegan food items, such as yogurt and pastry at your discretion.

•google doc financial documents are in order, link needed to edit.

•be sure to maintain serving schedule with 211 311, free eats sheet. this means being diligent with email and phone message

•table at anarchist bookfair

•thursday chapter is really busy, it needs help in any way possible.

•look into solar pots/proposal needed for sponsorship

•where and how to get cups-
*freecycle? other revenues?
•raise funds at servings/events

*thursday requested money for utencils
PASSED, 40 bucks one time, continued equal division of alex’s cup

• sit lie updates: possible actions in pac. heights.
Date it takes effect? appeals?

Next meeting
jan 17th, 330pm at ellens washington+leavenworth