What: Food Not Bombs January Meeting

Bring a vegan appetizer or dessert to share along with your own utensils/ cup/ plate. I’ll bake cupcakes! Beware my place is tiny!

Sunday Cookhouse/ Ellen’s Apartment
Leavenworth St (between Washington St & Jackson St)
Email Ellen for details

Monday January 31st 7pm.

Muni: 27, 1.

Bike: My neighborhood is pretty chill, but it may be difficult to find something to lock your bike to because there’s no metered parking. There’s a small nook to store your bike in my lobby if you have issues, in which case bring your bike up to the door.

Walk/ Bike Advise: It’s quite a hike up Leavenworth. If it’s not out of the way, go up Polk or Van Ness to Washington and climb those 3-4 smaller hills to Leavenworth.