Join in on our monthly vegan potluck and organizing meeting.

We start the evening off with dinner and follow with our discussion.
You are strongly encouraged to bring vegan food to share. Extra points
if it’s homemade or dumpstered.

Some of what we are likely to talk about:

* checkins, news and announcements
* soupstock
* anarchist book fair servings (do we want to hold a cafe?)
* bike carts
* fund-raising proposal from PKFA
* stickers
* finding a new saturday cookhouse?
* other upcoming events.

the agenda is open so bring your ideas and concerns, add to the
discussion. we may even have a fnb movie to play & screen-printing!

if you’re bottom-lining a day or would like to start one, bring some
bags & containers to carry stuff.

New volunteers and curious folks always welcome.

Sunday February 22nd @ 5PM


Station 40
3030b 16th St
San Francisco, CA